Milkshakes from the cosmos! Or something like that. That's what I wanted my small business to be like. But this putrid fucking recession! Quit smoking. 43 days. You're goddam right I'm proud--not just anyone, that's for sure! Yeah my kid's joining the army. Can't stop him. I bought him season's tickets to the Donut Holes his whole damn life. Sure they ain't no Kan-zass Cit-tee Roy-als, but they play some sure as shit baseball, that's all I know. He hit that girl last summer, and things ain't been working out for him ever since. Yeah, sure I told him to cool his temper, but I did buy him all those mixed martial arts classes when he was an ajolessent. Guess I am partly to blame there. But holy shit--I forgot to tell yeh! Got the Monte Carlo back--woo! That's right, impound called me this morning, cut the boot and all! 43 Days, shoot! No whiskey, neither.

Damn, I know it. He'll be alright over there in Iranistan. You ain't got to tell me. 43 days aint shit.


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SelahWrites over 12 years ago

Really excellent show of voice. Applause, applause applause. Love the use of "ajolessent" Whole thing made me think of my stepfather....

Galen over 13 years ago

Hot damn you've got a voice if I've heard one.

Galen over 13 years ago

Reading this again, still has the same punch. I'd love to applaud it twice.

ganymeder over 12 years ago

Definite feel for the type of person he/she is and their denial.

Barrington Skuttlestorch (joined over 13 years ago)

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