"What the hell kind of superhero costume is that?!" My dad was yelling so loud I could hear him from my room. When the blue cow suit had appeared, I'd been so excited. My brother Eddie hadn't gotten his disguise until he was twelve. Mom's quiet reply made me feel a little less anxious but it didn't seem to have much effect on Dad.

"Kendall, I'm sure it's something he'll grow into. Eight is awfully young for his powers so there's plenty of time-"

"Grow into? Who's going to take a blue cow with fangs seriously? I can see the headline now. 'Super Cow Helps Cops Rustle Up Justice' or 'The Blue Cow Tells Crime To Mooooove On!'"

"He has horns, dear, I think that means he's a bull."

"A Bull? Oh, that so much better. A blue bull. Can you imagine what the kids at the academy are going to do with that?"

"Have you...maybe...well, have you thought...with those fangs...he might be a Nemesis?"

My Dad's voice was low and growly and he sounded like his teeth were glued together. "In six generations there has never been a Nemesis in this family and there damn sure isn't going to be one now!"

"I raised Mom's camera and took a picture of my superhero identity in the mirror. Maybe my horns would shoot laser beams when I grew up. Or maybe I'd snort fire out my nose. That would be so cool.


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