Emotions are tricky things. They are the things that fill us with that warm, semtimental feeling that we get in our chest while our hearts are busy taking picture so as never to forget the beauty of a moment. That emotion we might call love. They are the pounding of blood running pushing its way through our ears, sweat streaming down cheeks, and our breathing heavy and laboured. That emotion could be named fear. They are also heaviness that seeps through our body after a long day of disappointment and getting nothing done. This is discouragement. But emotions, good or bad, all have something in common - they stay with you. They create memories that are instantly burned deep onto out hearts and minds. Some we wish to keep forever, and others we wish to distroy, banning them from us for all eternity. Emotions are very tricky things: they may appear at first to feel like love, but later may prove to be fear, or disappointment. We must learn to descern between the emotions and, we must never take for granted the beautiful moments which we treasure. Those, are special emotions.


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Jayden Nicole (joined over 10 years ago)

I have a passion for art and an overactive imagination.

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