Lorenzo hated the king. That's because the king liked donuts. All he did was eat donuts. Here is what the king said every morning when he woke up: "DONUTS! BRING ME DONUTS!" If you ate a donut, the king would kill you. All donuts were to be consumed only by him.

Because he ate nothing but donuts, he was very fat. He weighed 1600 pounds. He was heavier than the thrown he sat on, which was made of solid gold. He could not get up so the engineers turned his thrown into a makeshift toilet. That way he could consume and expel donuts all day.

By the way, the king's name was Tremain, who is the villain of this piece.

One day, a serf named Henrietta dared to eat a donut by herself (the donut had flakes of sugar on it.) When the king heard about this, he ordered Henrietta come to him. Then he had his soldiers cut off her arms. She bled everywhere. It hurt a lot. She screamed. "There," said King Tremain. "Guess you won't be eating my donuts anymore."

Soon Tremain wanted everything that even looked like a donut to be brought to him. All wedding rings, for example, were fed to him. Also, the letter O was outlawed. In fact, the previous sentence would read like this: "Als, the letter was utlawed" under King Tremain's regime. He was a big fat donut eating prick.

So Lorenzo, who worked at McDonalds, was fed up with this. He cooked a really big donut that was as big as Calgary. He put ketchup on the donut. And coconut. And gravel. And about 65,000 pounds of helium. Then he brought it to King Tremain, who ate the donut. Then he started to float. He floated right out of the throne room and soared into the air. When he was above the Atlantic, Lorenzo shot him with a peashooter. Tremain exploded in the air. Everyone was very happy and Lorenzo didnt have to go by Lrenz any


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Lorenzo
villain Tremain
goal Overthrow the king
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