Water. I wish I were drowning in it now. That my car veered into the canal while I was driving home. Somewhere I shouldn't have been. A blue-house, now painted tan, that I've visited 100 times. A house where I rang the doorbell, felt stupid there was no answer, and drove home. On the way, I turned into an oncoming lane by complete accident... Cars beeped, and luckily no one was hurt. Startled, I made a U-Turn, and headed home. I wished there was a thunder storm, a hail storm, something to cover my windshield to make my car just crash. Into a tree maybe, or a ditch. Into the airport fence... It would have taken only a few drops of water, just to cause a mistake, to save me from the road I was on. Just a few drops of water...


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NYgirlLovesCA over 9 years ago

Finally responding - I love the voice recording! I downloaded it and put it on my iTunes. I seriously am so flattered by this, and definitely want to take this story further now. Thank you thank you thank you!

kayemnic over 9 years ago

This story really spoke to me so although I'm not a Voice Artist, I felt compelled to give it my own voice and record it. I hope you don't mind. http://soundcloud.com/oddiophile-1/drowning-flash-fiction-written

NYgirlLovesCA (joined about 11 years ago)
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