I would have otherwise been absolutely fine. Everything was going according to plan. We were doing it. Oh, it was bliss.

Never would I have thought that events would turn the way they did. Oh it began with just a simple slip. The gravel underneath my feet began to shake. The panels seemed to slip from below. But my friend was convinced we would be okay. I told him it was a terrible idea. Sneaking onto random roofs. What were we thinking?

Well, I wasn't, that's for sure. I'm not sure if he was thinking or not, either. But he was doing fine. He made the jump with little to no problems. Of course, he would.

"Come on wimp."

I remember those words. They always pushed me to do the most regrettable things. Oh, but I could never turn anything down when those words are said. That's why for some reason, ever though I have no reason to be, I was surprised that it happened.

15 feet from the ground. I'm an idiot.


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It was the fall that surprised me most.
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