She loved that old house. It used to be one of the very first churches built in the tiny town that had disappeared around it. Then it went up for sale and the woman had jumped at the chance to buy it. The renovation was long and expensive but as she stood inside the finally finished building she thought that just maybe it was here little slice of heaven on Earth.

Smiling, she let the vaulted front door close behind her and turned to move to the brand new staircase that lead from the entry foyer towards the upstairs. Putting her feet on each step covered in plush carpeting, she made finally found herself on the top landing. The area wasn't big, so instead of cramming walls and hallways into it, the contracter had made it one big open space of the only bedroom. Behind the stairs, was the window that looked out over the front yard, and here was where her desk sat, clean and simple with modern lines to accent the old-country feel of the house around it.

"This is where I will write the great American novel." The newly retired teacher said to herself, looking out through the pane glass window to the expanse of fields that spread out in front of her.


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