That is one big rock. Or a whole buttload of really, really small rocks. If you jumped from the top of that rock, and I mean off of it, not just up and down in one place or like a little kangaroo or something, but really just ran and jumped from the top of that rock and into the air and then aimed yourself toward the edge and launched yourself off of the rock and began to plummet toward the ground way, way, way far below the rock, then you'd be falling a long time, like even longer than this sentence.

Scholars have noted many things, but I have memorized none of them. They surely have spoken of large red rocks and the ocean stretching behind them, because scholars have way too much time on their hands. I have about two minutes and twelve seconds to finish this thought and I think I will have no trouble doing that. It's the filling in the rest of the time. Filling in like a large red rock. The rock is a metaphor for my simile there, you see?

Space. There is lots of space in this photo. It's actually weird how the rock was framed. If you are a rich person who took this photo, I love it and give me some of your money. Otherwise, I don't know. I guess it's okay.



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