Giving in wasn't an option anymore because I had given in too many times before.
I'd taken it time after time - too many times before, and this has me broken. I'm broken, broken from you.
You've simply abused me, in the finer way. The finer way where not all the cracks show, in the way that I can hold them in so that they are only something I know. In the way that only I will know when I see you again, and the cracks come stabbing on like a nightmare.
Now when you're feeling down, I won't risk myself for you. I won't throw myself all over you, just trying to cheer you up, with the risk of turning blue myself. I won't do this to myself again.
I've learned that I can't be like I was before, I can't be taken advantage again,
because the last time you did it, you broke me.
I'm afraid I can never fix you, I will never fix you. In trying I only broke me.
Giving in isn't an option.
Giving up is.


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Anglea about 10 years ago

The nightmare of co-dependency, I know it well

backwardperspective (joined about 10 years ago)
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