The year was 1986 and Prince had just released his second motion picture, Under the Cherry Moon. It was a black and white movie and Prince spent much of it singing cool songs like KISS and GIRLS AND BOYS. He played a character named Christopher Tracy.

This is one thing that happened in 1986.

Other things that happened in 1986:

- A little girl in Columbus, Ohio walked down to neighbourhood 7-Eleven and bought a bag of Doritos.
- Some kid somewhere bought an old Chewbacca action figure for 10 cents at a garage sale.
- Only three e-mails were sent... all by top ranking American military personnel.
- A bullfighter in Spain lost his fight with a bull, who trounced him and gouged his eyes out with his horns. Blood flew everywhere.
- I ate a nectarine. (I was 13 and in love with nectarines. I was also in love with Amy, the redhead in my math class, but I won't go there because it's still too painful.)
- A dog pooed on a lawn.
- In a church somewhere, a priest talked about how the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.
- Movie star Tom Cruise ate a burrito while playing Clue with his mother and Wayne Gretzky. (Tom was Colonel Mustard, his mother was Mrs. White and Wayne was Professor Plum. Tom won. Mr. Green did it in the conservatory with the lead pipe.)
- There were jaguars at the San Diego Zoo.
- The Calgary Flames lost to the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Finals.
- A guy had a cough.
- Someone gargled with listerine.
- I blinked 673489563457 times


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