There were times like that, where even if it was something relatively mundane, he could stare long and hard at it and still have no clue what it was. Sometimes it worried him. One, it meant his vision was probably steadily worsening. Two, that he would imagine up something else in the place of an everyday object did not bode well for arguing his sanity. On the other hand, he could just say that meant he was ten-fold more creative than the average person.

A lot of the times he managed to draw up something quite unsettling though, and it left him wanting to run away from whatever he was staring at to begin with.

Other times, curiosity was going to kill him, and he squinted to get a better look.

"Oi, is that a shirt floating in midair?" He didn't want to be in this neck of the neighborhood any longer than he had to, because it just made his skin crawl. Kai look over his shoulder, halfway pressing against him as he saw what he saw.

"...Wait what the hell?"

"Yeah, figure that out for me."

"Oh, it's hanging on a clothesline by a wire hanger."

"..." It was a case of 'once you see the trick, you can't see the image by itself anymore' type of things. "Oh. Good. Making me nervous there for a bit..."

"Oh the horrors, floating plain shirt~!"

"Shut up."


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Shiva-san coerced me. Nicely. So here I am.

Typing at 90 words a minute, it would stand to follow that I can get out a 540 story to each prompt. Keh, we'll see how that goes.

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what the hell? I really did have to squint to see that it was unsettling


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