I was playing basketball with Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. We were playing 3 on 3. It was Michael, Carmelo and myself. We were playing to 21. It was tied 19 to 19, win by two. We've got the ball up top, Melo checks it. I run and set a pick for Jordan across the baseline. Jordan slides off of me, while I set the pick. Kobe gets through pretty quickly, but not quick enough. Jordan catches it in the corner and does a quick turn around jumper. 20-19. Make it take it, so its our ball. I check up this time, Jordan gets another pick from Melo but misses the jumper this time, Durant cathes it and drives in and scores. Their ball. Lebron checks it in and passes to Durant, but I get a quick steal and bring it out. I drive and dish to Melo on the wing. He splashes for two. 22 to 20. G


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The dream had been wonderful, yet it would never be real.
Prompt suggested by Jayden Nicole


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