The chocolate scoop was all she wanted. However, the lanky boy behind the counter of Baskin Robbin's wanted to give his number away as well. In any other sinaro Jenny would have jumped at this opportunity, but the boy with the greasy hair, fuzzy eyebrows and a horrible wink did not please her. The boy still stood with her cone in his hand. Now he was getting irratating.
"Hum, thank you," Jenny tried reaching for the cone as a huge hint. He didn't take it.
"Do you have any plans for Friday night?" Oh boy. He was so clumsy with his words and his attempt at flattering was a total turn off. The ice cream was melting.
"I actually have plans of Friday."
"How about the next Friday?"
This dude just wouldn't give it up.
"I have plans every Friday night for the considerable future."
Jenny's confidence scared her, but it worked for the greasy boy who's face immediately turned down.
Why was she lying? He wasn't all bad. It wasn't as if he had snot flying from his nose. And for Jenn


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One scoop chocolate, one scoop...
Prompt suggested by CraigTowsley


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