I cannot be old as were, but I'll be as old...
No springs, no machination, no burn, can retreat the circle
but the circle will come round
--not old as were
Along the shore they did not remember
Walking until their flesh and their ligaments
No mercy for the parched
And she stood staring from behind pa(in)
And he paced
And he destroyed
And he ripped--because
This is not the girl I wanted
This is not the girl I knew
This is not the girl I ordered
Custom made behind a pa(in) of glass
Darling or darling oh darling
Look at her
The circle comes full stop and there is none--grease or spring or machination
To move it again
Look at her
If everything is broken, why does she smile?--not a girl at all
not a girl to hide
behind pa(in)s of glass
Let her go to the shores
Let her go to the beach
Let her see the suffering of the others walking the line that does not route back
Let her walk in her circles
Dis-tempered creatures cannot learn, and she smiles
small smile
Creature of mistake
Creature who will not learn--oh she learns. She learns--if she hides behind pa(in)
Route to spin, around to remember the same three images all at once
The smile remains
Why does she? --asked he
She remembers being comfortable
If only at one glance...


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xesands almost 9 years ago

This is phenomenal.

DazedPuckBunny (joined about 12 years ago)
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