The jigsaw box cover was a bit different to normal so Megan decided it could be worth doing. Especially with the caption 'THIS BOX WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE' she wondered what this could mean, no doubt some kind of advertising ploy.

10,000 pieces. It was a hard slog but after her boyfriend ditched her a couple of weeks ago and none of her female friends were interested after she had ignored them when Rob was on the scene, she didn't have much else she fancied doing. Even Facebook seemed too much hassle.

Whilst she was searching and fitting pieces she daydreamed about her goals before falling disastrously in love, going to Egypt, looking at all the museums, pyramids and sailing down the Nile.

Rob didn't have any money and his main ambition was to get drunk. But he was handsome, and lived most of his life on the edge. And her parents hated him.

Only a couple more pieces to go, she couldn't believe how time had flown.

Last piece.

Suddenly the table started wobbling, she felt dizzy........faint.

She opened her eyes, felt very hot, looked ahead at the massive pyramid and thought.........WTF????


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Galen over 11 years ago

Where, exactly, does one buy said jigsaw puzzle? :D

Anglea over 11 years ago

wish I knew lol

Anglea (joined over 11 years ago)

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