To keep her kids from starving, Mama mouse bravely went into the large house. The mouse hole they lived in was just fine, but the owner of the large house, well he was a villain in their eyes.
Mama mouse looked left and right before scurrying under the kitchen cabinet. She couldn't let anyone see her or else who would take care of her darling children? She peeked out from under the cabinet. Good, no one was coming. She cautiously walked out and looked up. There it was. Her goal. Upon the table sat a beautiful roast turkey. She was starting to salivate herself just looking at it. She quickly climbed the leg of the table, grabbed as much as she could carry and then carefully climbed back down again.
She was almost back to the mouse hole, to safety when she heard boot prints. Terrified, she looked behind her. There, looming in the doorway was the owner of the house and he looked white with rage upon seeing her. She scurried as fast as she could and made it into her home. Part of the dinner lay across the kitchen floor, but she had enough. She was a hero.


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terrified roast


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Mama mouse
villain Owner
goal To keep her kids from starving
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