The summer was in full swing, but since all his friends were out of town, it has been mostly television for him. His mother couldn't stand him in the house any longer, so she sent him grocery shopping. While browsing through the various different magazines at the counter, he noticed a couple of guys from school heading towards him, smiling. Though two of them were in his Spanish class, he had never spoken a word with them before, so he was more than surprised when they invited him to a party at the beach that evening. But parties weren't really he's thing. He once went to a classmate's halloween party, where he lost his wallet und got puked on by a girl sitting next to him on the couch. He wasn't much of a dancer either, and the appeal of alcohol poisoning was a mystery to him, so he passed.

For some reason, it stuck with him, though, and after shuffling through the channels for the fifth time, he found himself talking to the guys from the store, who were glad that he could make it. Even he kind of did. He even volunteered to go look for sticks and branches for the bonfire. He was carrying a heavy piece of wood, when he walked by a girl in a blue jeans shirt, holding a large Mexican hat in her hands. The weight of the wood began hurting his hands and right when she turned around, looking at him, he lost his grip and the ten pound wood block dropped and missed his foot only by an inch, enough to give him a good scare. The girl smiled and said that he should take better care of either the wood or his foot, since it is about to get dark and if there's no fire and he is not able to dance, he would have to look for someone to cuddle to fight the cold.

The party was in full swing, but since he didn't know any of his new friends, it has been mostly sitting by the bonfire for him. The girl in the blue jeans shirt couldn't stand the sight of him sitting alone any longer, so she sat next to him. While talking about school and the various interests they seemed to share, the fire grew dim and he noticed that she was shivering slightly. Though he was freezing a little himself, he took of his jacket and put it around her shoulders, which he'd seen a lot in movies, but had never actually done himself, so he was more than surprised, when she moved in closer to him.

Parties weren't really his thing. But once, he went to some classmate's beach party, where he met a beautiful girl in a blue jeans shirt, talked with her for hours and almost brought up the courage to kiss her. And even though it turned out she had a boyfriend, and despite the fact that he lost his wallet again, it was still the best day of his summer that year.


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Anglea over 10 years ago

I really liked this, reminded me of many things

Jimmie Cannibal (joined over 10 years ago)

I rather not...

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