Sometimes I am shocked at the state of America today. The young people just have not respect - no decency at all. They go around and do whatever they wish - guided, though, not by their wishes but by the pulsing masses. Every time that I see it I am disgusted. I see it and shrink. I don't understand it entirely. But this one thing is like my only weakness. Maybe I am like them. I just following a whim of someone else - or something. I'd like to think that I could have a justification for something that hits me so hard. I can make sense of the joy I take in a fresh cheese cake. I can make sense of the feeling I get when she walks by. I can even make sense of the disgust I feel when I see something ugly - malformed. But this is different. I was born this way. Or I grew into this. Never really making a decision. In that I guess I am just like them. I am a product of my culture. I've taken my own route but I must admit that it wasn't as though I could see in advance where this route was going. But why does it irk me so? To see them wear hats indoors.


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