there were roses of Blue Cross is everywhere everywhere I look I could see a blue cross suddenly I noticed that 1 of the Blue Cross is this a crescent moon this disturbs me a little bit because it interrupted the uniformity of the rest of the field of Blue Cross is I was all alone so I had no 1 to complain to which is why I am completing to you dear reader of my 6 minute story see that little crescent moon it looks out of place no obviously the crescent moon is there because it marks the final resting place of a mushroom and all the crosses I understand what the final resting place of the Christians by the way I am dictating this story on my Nexus 7 using the voice recognition software thingamabob so that's the reason why this story is just 1 great big block of uninterrupted text 1 huge beast of a paragraph and there is no punctuation very little capitalize a shin but that's because of the silly silly little voice recognition software thingy. Let's see if that works oh yes I said. And it gave me a. That's great let's see what happens if I say! I see at the did it didn't work yes yes see what I said was! And it gave me an! Let's see if I type

Will that work um maybe it hey it did I typed in a neew bara grap H and a so it just yes you see that they're their there okay well I'm watching the words for out in front of me as I speak this and this whole story is going to be a little bit experimental for you all because it's just at me speaking in this thing trying to record at the same time so I don't know your YouTube mit many of you will probably have gotten bored with this story by this point and SOS you are probably just kinda following along trying to fix holy s*** is this guy on acid or something but that's really all it is is I am just writing this with my voice recognition software thing above and that's so let's get back to the oven for Blue Cross is that just are going on and on forever

We're now at the halfway point of the story I just reached the 3 minute warning in already this story is longer than any other story that I have written on here and that is said just because I am can speak faster than I can write and I think that's probably true of most of us so anyways Blue Cross is Blue Cross is everywhere and they look a little bit like daisies I guess if I wanted to I could like bend down and talk 10 to the ground but that would probably upset the a family of the people who were very dare of course I would want to ask them why they insisted that the a grave stones marking their loved ones be made out of blue glow in the dark wood I'd just doesn't seem like a very of the practical choice for a tombstone I don't know if any a gravestone at companies the safe hey I just to let you know why are tombstones are made out of the blue glow in the dark what so if you're passing the graveyard at night and there's a new moon and there's no electricity you'll always be able to spot your love ones Greystone because it will be flu and it will go the dark

So anyways I was strolling through this great big field of the blue grave stones with Colonel Sanders the a guy who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken as many of you will recall and as we walked through these the blue Greystone grill center strip done and he fell down and eat it it sliced on hisbeard and a zombie climbed out of the ground like an un dead beast and it started chasing Colonel Sanders going boo good and wet cut cuddle Sanders it but it turned his head around like that monster in Creepshow get and it ripped Colonel Sanders head right off of his shoulders and make blood was flowing everywhere of girls send ur separate or so and then the ozone be through Chris Andrews is headless body into a big fat of bubbly oil and that we ate Kentucky Fried cradle centers for a change the chickens loved it old is there for love it was great okay this story totally sucks and if you followed it this far then you are a


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Speech-to-Text… hmmm! Interesting

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