She could tell I was faking it. They all could. They'd have to have known I wasn't "fine". I mean, come on. It's not really rocket science to figure out when someone's on the edge, is it? Am I really hiding everything so well that no one even thinks to ask me for a real answer? Don't people get tired of all those stupid, meaningless conversations?
"Hey. How are you?"
"Oh, I'm good."
No, you're not. No one is ever quite as "good" as they say they are, so why do we let them say that they are? What if someone was just dying inside and not letting it show? What are they supposed to do when no one ever asks them how they're actually doing? What are they supposed to do when no one cares how they're really doing or what's really going on behind the "fine"?

What on earth am I supposed to do?


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Jayden Nicole (joined almost 13 years ago)

I have a passion for art and an overactive imagination.

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She could tell I was faking it.
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