woop first time here, wasted a minute.

It was cold dark, and raining like a son of a bitch, as I stared down at 3rd and 9th, watching cars zip by like ants in a miniature autobahn. I was waiting for a sign, anything to let me know, I was going to get it done. Tonight was the night, and I was shaking with excitement.

After about an hour, I saw it. A bright red car driving erratically, with a big white x on it's roof. It took a left down 3rd. I flew down the fire escape, off of the roof, and jumped onto the sidewalk with the grace of a cheetah. I took three quick steps onto the road, and the car swerved past me, and than did a small donut in the middle of the road. I jumped ontop of the car, slammed my fist into the windshield, which shattered, and pulled the small asian man from his seat, tearing the seatbelts. I stand up straight, man in my arms, and run down the street.

I run fast, with much stealth. The mission's almost over. The man in my arms does not slow me down in the slightest. If anything, the adrenaline from the job helps me go faster. I fly around a corner, kick down a door, which goes flying inward, and sprint inside. I walk through a hallway, open a random door, and throw a screaming asian onto an operating table. Thius is it, this is where my job ends. I can leave now, whatevber happens to this man, is no longer my bussiness. I head home.


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Galen almost 9 years ago

Excellent first story – in 5 minutes too!

DanSheehan (joined about 9 years ago)

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