Stinkbombs ruined my perfect wedding night. The odious smell wouldn't leave me, even after a few days. I knew it was a sign, one of many I had been getting ever since I announced my engagement. Today was our fourth day in the paradise resort high in the mountains and John hadn't returned from hiking with the local guide we'd hired.

Of course there was a reasonable explanation. Lost track of time, minor accident, losing something, getting engrossed in a special flower or bird. He was into nature my John. Tall, very slim with blond wavy hair, striking blue eyes and long fingernails. That's the only part I disliked. His nails. Mom said there was something unnatural about a man with nails like that and came out with a warning, he wasn't a man for me to marry.

Sitting round the pool in a bikini, drinking pina coladas, gazing round at the beautiful breathtaking scenery I had a very bad feeling. Suddenly remembering John taking his passport out of the drawer when he thought I wasn't looking.

What if mom was right?


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Anglea (joined over 11 years ago)

Six minute story is brilliant as a daily mental excercise to write on a variety of topics. It involves a lot of trial and error before I finish in the given time.

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