The air was crisp and cold the morning of the discovery. Shouldering his way through the greeness, he hugged his pack to him.
Anthony had just left home on his first journey into adulthood. Every Minor on their 18th birthday had to venture into the world and bring back something from the world of the big humans.
Branches scratched at him, thorns stuck him, but he was determined. Just something in his gut told him that his worthiness was in this direction.
Suddenly the trees parted and beyond them was a great depression in the woodlands, and in its grooves massive flesh colored mounds.
He pondered a bit, thinking that the color and texture were mighty familiar.
Subtle grooves in the surface provided adequate climbing structure.
After what seemed like quite a long time he reached the top of the mounds.
"My goodness...there's a whole human attached to this!"
He pulled his rope out of his pack and smiled to himself thinking surely he had more than proven his worth.


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Cheshire Lillian (joined about 10 years ago)
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I'm just another human with all the facets and quirks that make me so. I adore anything cerebral mostly, but also love sci-fi, fantasy, and the occasional horror. I feel like creating is the manifestation of magic in the real world and to live without creativity is to live without magic and that would be very dull indeed.
Read and follow me and I can guarantee to tickle your brain every time and you will never be disappointed.

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