"And these words were brought to you by..."

Remember hearing that at the end of the six o'clock news? Elise wasn't sure if she were actually old enough to have heard it. Somehow though it had found its way into her vernacular. Wondering about paid endorsements seemed to be a much better topic then men lately. However the concept of the phrase was soon to bring on a revelation.

Later that night Elise met up with the girls to blow off some steam. After a few drinks a tall, gorgeous guy who went by, "Nick" approached. And as she half-heartedly paid attention to his rap, an idea overtook her. To an extent, the persona and effort she gave to each new guy she met was, brought to that guy by..."

Ricky L. who, "swore he loved her and would put a ring on that finger!" Who later turned to have already put a ring on his wife's finger three years earlier. Or what about Mike M. the soon-to-be lawyer once he passed the Bar. She stood by him for his first five attempts at passing. It turned out that meeting up with his buddies at the real bar was more important than her or studying.

Abruptly her attention was drawn back to Nick's latest question to her.

"What do I do for work?" She repeated. "Why, I'm an astronaut with a PHD in Neurology!"


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