It was ridiculous that at my age I could not do anything without my parents getting involved. They were overprotective, talking me out any everything, listing all the possible negatives so I ended up believing them.

At fifty three I was single, living off their generosity, sharing hobbies, going on holiday with them, waking, eating and sleeping the same times as them.

Never had any friends, boyfriends, jobs, excitement of my own.

The police psychologist didn't think it that unusual that I ended up on a criminal career path, he told the court it was inevitable given the strange upbringing. It wasn't revolt so much as freedom of expression.

I enjoyed my time in jail as I got to make lots of friends, took up courses, trained to be a chef and got engaged, the public loved me, I received the most fan mail ever.

After coming out I got my own slot on a popular tv show, cooking and talking.

I'm really glad my parents gave me that life now.

Blessing in disguise.


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Anglea (joined about 12 years ago)

Six minute story is brilliant as a daily mental excercise to write on a variety of topics. It involves a lot of trial and error before I finish in the given time.

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