When I crossed the street, my mind was rapidly flashing with the dreadful information. I sprinted to the bus stop, and scowled, to find the bench, filthy, and obviously occupied by a sleeping homeless man. When the bus came, I boarded, along with a woman that had just walked by, her high heels clattering on the pavement. I observed the driver, as I always do, sitting in the front, and deciding if he has a criminal background or not. If he does, I'll get off at Washington, the next stop. I tapped my feet on the floor of the bus, and I got off, when my stop came. I looked up at the towering building in front of me. I thought for a moment, and figured I was fine so I ran back home only to find more dreadful news.


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Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway.
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