Meteorites struck a Russian town today. I wondered what I'd be thinking if they hit the place I live. Probably not worrying about my hair as I am today. Nor whether to meet up with the unsuitable man that I know I shouldn't ever see again. Nor would I procrastinate yet again over finishing paperwork and chores. None of that would matter. Only survival. Family. Are they ok? None of the mindless timewasting unimportant trivia we are all obsessed with would even cross our minds in that situation.

It reminds me of the time I was stuck underground in an elevator down a mine. Certain I wouldn't see the light of day. The only thought going round and around was asking myself why the overweight people had been allowed in even though there wasn't any more room. They had literally been squashed into the rest of us.

Lights went out. Everything tilting. No idea how long for. I was only a child, it was a tourist trip down a salt mine.

Since then I walk upstairs, even forty flights. Good excercise.

It feels like a strange day today.


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