He wandered a lot. Not usually while he was home, but when the time presented itself and he was in a new location before starting a new job, or before he was scheduled to leave. Staying in one place was too suspicious at times, though some places took his 'look' in strides, gave him attentions, asked him questions. That was no better sometimes. So he made wandering a pastime of sorts.

His focus mainly centered on terrain. Particular landscapes could prove resourceful in the heat of battle if he were to ever return there. Monuments, gardens, parks, fountains. The environment was enriching. But still in vain.


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Kaltz (joined almost 10 years ago)
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Shiva-san coerced me. Nicely. So here I am.

Typing at 90 words a minute, it would stand to follow that I can get out a 540 story to each prompt. Keh, we'll see how that goes.

Everything here is really big. Big. In your face. And blank. Waiting to be filled [context... or maybe not]. There's going to be a lot of blather, and related things from one post to another.

The link is to my Typetrigger, which, also because of Shiva-san's coercion, I use as well. There's more stuff there, is all.

Obligatory Tvtrope equation: Heroic Sociopath + Magnificent Bastard + Beyond the Impossible = Yours Truly.

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