The water was clear. What? Sorry! The helicopter… the heli… ok?… can you hear me now?

No… I checked all the buildings… Personally. There's no sign… Yes, they're here now. Some are sweeping the island…

… the Coast guard were…er… surprised when I explained why we were all here…

No, they finally got what we were doing. I even managed to hand out a few brochures… Yeah, assuming we don't get bad press from today you might have a fe…

Sorry. Yes. Not the time… No, everything went according to the script. People slowly "disappearing" into the hidden room… No, they're all fine. Just concerned about the client… No, none of them had any idea. We were just following the 'haunted' prison scenario, same as always!

Yes, it was all on schedule. Isolated. No way off the island. Strange disappearances. The client was buying it. Building the tension ready for the final act. And then…

Yes… That's what I'm TRYING to tell you! There was definitely no way off the… Completely isolated… only… The client's just effing disappeared!


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DoctorMikeReddy almost 11 years ago

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