We had to move quick. Aside from the smell of decay, and the swarms of flesh-eating bugs that harangued us at every turn, the swamp was cold, and Dr. Fjord's injury was not getting any better. I didn't like dragging her through the murky waters like this, but I didn't have a choice. I held her as far from the water's surface as possible, but I couldn't keep her out entirely. She wasn't doing much to help, though I could tell it wasn't by choice. She was barely conscious.

"How far?" I asked, my voice no more than a rasp. Behind me, Kellen was plodding slowly, the packs all piled onto his hunched back.

He paused and looked around. "Any time now. We should be close."

"How can you tell?"

"The water's warmer, haven't you noticed?"

I paused, too, and tried to concentrate on the area of my skin right where the water gave way to the air. "I can't tell."

"It is. Trust me, this is right."

I sighed, pulled the doctor up further on my shoulder, and continued to move. Pausing had been a mistake.


I twisted so quick I almost dropped Dr. Fjord. Kellen shook one hand frantically, trying to dislodge a large crawfish.

"Calm down!" I yelled. I couldn't


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hero doctor swamp bayou villan injury crawfish infection


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hero A Doctor
villain a Crawfish
goal to cross the swamps of the Louisianna Bayou unscathed
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