She tried online forums, crosswords, excercise, volunteering for charity. Church, self help books, counselling. Crafts, writing, setting up websites, interior design, feng shui, alternative therapy. Gratitude. Socialising. This was the latest fad.

More boyfriends than anyone else in the town. Popular, all ages, all gender everyone wanted to be her friend. Yet, all she felt was the pervading sense of loneliness. Years of 'if only I had .........' then I would feel happy. Envious reading about lightbulb moments, lives changed, passions followed, fulfillment for the rest of their days.

She wondered what on earth was wrong. Karma from past lives? No, that was rubbish.

Then one day she had the 'aha' moment of her own. She was just right as she was. She didn't need anything, anyone, no need to fix herself.

When Amber made this discovery it felt like she'd come home to a warm cosy nook, settling down in a comfy chair. Secure. At peace.

You can feel like this too if you are troubled, always searching for something to make you whole.

You are perfect exactly the way you are.


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ganymeder over 8 years ago

I liked the 'lightbulb moment' remark!

ganymeder over 8 years ago

I liked the 'lightbulb moment' remark!

ganymeder over 8 years ago

I liked the 'lightbulb moment' remark!

Anglea (joined over 9 years ago)

Six minute story is brilliant as a daily mental excercise to write on a variety of topics. It involves a lot of trial and error before I finish in the given time.

I am often surprised which of my stories receive the most views, often those I planned to delete.

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In hindsight, the solution was obvious.
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