We sat on our toboggan at the top of the hill behind the house. It wasn't much of a sliding hill, but it was easy to walk up, so, there you go.

Me, Jenny, Eric and Becky took turns sliding down on the hot pink crazy carpet and then struggling up the slope in ski pants and too big boots. It was only the third or fourth snow of the season and between the melts there was just enough of the white stuff to pick up a bit of speed on your descent.

Eric or Jenny came up with the idea of climbing up on the shed and sliding off the roof. I guess we all had a slight underwhelming feeling from the hill so we agreed. Once on the roof though, no one wanted to go first. Becky said why don't we all go and it seemed like a good idea, so we crowded in. I sat on Jenny's lap and Becky on Eric's and we shoved off.

A couple broken arms aren't that bad, when you think about it


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