All he needed was one picture. That was it. Just one. Too bad for him it was a specific picture. But the Internet always had what you needed, right? Heck, he was willing to pay for it. The entire company was counting on him.

"I got this, guys," he said as everyone was leaving for the night. "We're gold come morning. The investers just want to see that view added to the presentation."

They believed him. Heck, he believed himself. And he succeeded. It took a chunk out of his boss's platinum card, but big deal. This merger would earn them millions, maybe billions, in the next couple of years.

It didn't take long to add the image to his presentation. He even did so so it would be most dramatic. This would get them the deal; this would get him his promotion, his life on Easy Street, the love of his girl.

The next day was a blur of activity, and though everyone was a sweating, worrisome mess, he remained calm. This was in the bag. When the head honcho showed up, the presentation began. He sat at the table, waiting his turn, and no one was more calm than him. When they called his name, he nailed the presentation, all the way up to the picture. It was almost there, just one more click would seal it. He hit "continue," and got, "This image or video is currently un


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ganymeder over 9 years ago

I thought this was hilarious. I know; I'm not a perfect person. :)

Anglea over 9 years ago

I really liked this

ericjkrause (joined over 9 years ago)
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Eric J. Krause pens stories from Orange County, California, just minutes away from Disneyland. He has over two dozen short stories published in magazines such as The Absent Willow Review, Trail of Indiscretion, Allegory, and Nocturnal Ooze, just to name a few.

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