He didn't know what to say. No one did. It had never landed on anyone's finger before. The fabled winged bug, unlike any other on this planet, stayed away from all lifeforms. Of course there were stories about what would happen if it actually did touch someone, and he guessed he was about to find out. Would he die? Would untold riches come his way? Would he become the most famous person on Terra 12?

The bug, which felt lighter than a feather in his hand, looked up at him. He couldn't help but wonder what it thought. Or did it think at all? It popped into his mind to say hello, but before he got the words out, the thing took to the air and flew off to wherever it came from.

The crowd stood stunned for almost a full minute, at least that's how long he guessed it to be. Then there were a few gasps, followed by low whispers, and finally loud cheers. Only then did people start coming up to him, asking him what he'd done, what he felt like now, if he felt like he was going to die or felt richer. Or luckier. Or better or worse in any way.

It went on like this for days. As he lay in bed after a particularly busy day of shaking hands, walking red carpets, and other things famous people did, he chuckled. The stories were right. The bug landing on you really did make you famous.


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Anglea over 9 years ago

That's an interesting take on his prompt

DoctorMikeReddy over 9 years ago

I've not done many image prompts, but this was inspirational!

ganymeder over 9 years ago

I like how it all came back to the bug making you famous. Very cute! And I love where you went with the prompt!

ericjkrause (joined over 9 years ago)
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