Giving in wasn't an option. The first time Ted died he didn't really notice, being in a full on berserk. One of his incisors was embedded in the top of his shield. He only felt its loss after he lay beside the gnawed wood, head split by a centurion's short sword. Like most warrior souls, he didn't leave it there of course.

The second death was a spear. Ted bled out over a few days, his last fevered thought - blood poisoning - being one of confused pride he had all his own teeth 'this' time.

Ted's third demise was a canon misfire, though technically he drowned. The fourth, poison; unconsciously he was unsatisfied, as it was not a good way for a warrior to end his days. The fifth made up for it; mutual musket ball ensuring a rival was revenged upon at least.

Number 6. Bayonet. 7. Winchester point 33 rifle butt. 8. Poison again (disappointing). 9. Cutting the blue wire on a UXB.

It was number ten that finally did for Ted. After surviving the whole of World War Two as a Spitfire Ace his car, a retirement present to himself, was hit reversing into the road. The uninsured culprit breaking the warrior's curse because of accidental death.

Ted was furious!


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