The stories rarely stop when the party does.

He was not tall, or lean, but he was fashionable. He had the bushiest eyebrows, like tiny mink stoles pasted to his forehead, and a strange (but familiar) teetering gate to his walk as he meandered like a river through the empty park lawns.
"I hope I didn't insult her," the man worried to himself as he kicked an empty potato chip bag across the path. He spotted a bench looking out over the old friend, duck pond.
There our lonely man sat. Contemplating the emptiness of it all. No ducks, even. Just a sliver of a moon shaking shyly over the water. The dapper man picked up a penny, and cried.


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ganymeder about 9 years ago

Oh, I feel so sorry for him!

Overtlystreet (joined about 9 years ago)
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The dapper man picked up a penny.
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