I am really nervous. It's there. Looming. And I feel like if I move it will know, and everything around me will crumble.
So I wait and I wonder. Why I came. Why I am still here. Why there aren't forces out there that could rectify what is clearly the most dire of situations.
But I know there are no such forces. It's just me. Alone. Except I am not alone. It is still here. There. Moving closer.
I know there are only two choices: stay and await my ultimate defeat. The ultimate death. Stagnation...darkness. Or move closer to it, proactively. Confidently. Without fear or resentment or the backward looking swivel of my head on shoulders that are capable of supporting themselves.
Because I know, that even if I move closer to it...nothing will change. And everything will change.
The future is always 100 feet away.


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ganymeder almost 11 years ago

I REALLY like this. Very thought provoking!

bspack (joined about 11 years ago)

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