Written by Monsterbat:

The mouse didn't know about the afterlife. It just started to move. After that evil cat had eaten him whole, it felt extremely liberating to climb back out of the jaws of death. It travelled to the nearest art supply store, and started to look around. It finally came to the big cheese: a large, yellow coloured notebook with holes made to give the illusion of a dairy product. Mr. Whiskers screamed with joy. He strained to open the notebook. He achieved his goal, but not without a price. The strain was too much. He began to fade, untill he was nothing more than a mere artists doodle on a white backdrop.


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ganymeder over 8 years ago

Galen, I couldn't figure out how to sign off and create a new account for my son, so I just had him write the story on my account. :)

DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

Never too young to start, Monsterbat, and thanks for the comment on my story. Did your Mum tell you it is (very loosely) based on something that happened.

Galen over 8 years ago

Hah! Great first story. Welcome Monsterbat.

@Ganymeder, just looked and it's a firefox thing again. That orange bit in the top right corner will let you sign out, but the scroll bar is covering most of it. I'll make it bigger so FF doesn't blot it out! :)

ganymeder (joined over 11 years ago)
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