We all have a demon, a monster, something of a dark creature around us.
There are many types of these creatures. They tend to look the same though, darker than the pits of the deepest holes and overwhelmingly dripping of toxicity. Once they have hold of you it is very hard to to get rid of it. There are many different types of these creatures however.

Some make you feel like you’ll never feel happiness.
Some stop you from eating.
Some will pretend to let you feel happy until they let you crash and crack.
Some will make you harm yourself.
Some will make you angry all the time.
Some will turn you into a nervous wreck.
Some will make you dependent on things that make you high.
Some will make you paranoid -
and others convince you that you want to die.

A lot of us can ignore them but others I'm afraid cannot. Some remain small and in the background of your life but they do pop up every now again to make our days gloomy or a just a tad bit blue. When they try to take over your life however in the most subtle of ways, most of us can push them away and allow light in to dazzle away those creatures. But for some people that’s near enough impossible.

It all just starts off as an annoyance you see. More an irritation than anything else. But then they creep a little closer to you/ Without realising it they’ll place their claw on your shoulder and you mistake that for protection, like they’re helping you cope with difficulties you face. Then two claws start digging into your shoulders and they make your way into the mind. Soon after they cling onto your back, dragging you down lower and lower into the dark and finally they consume you.

That’s when you’re in danger. That’s when you need some extra help to get rid of them.
We all have them; it’s a part of life. But some people need an extra bit of help to get rid of theirs, that’s all and we shouldn't be ashamed of that. What we need to remember is that you can get rid of them, it'll take time, but you can get rid of them.


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