"You did not eat the cake?" Pog levelled her gaze on her husband. "But you proposed to me that very day."

"And you have thought all these years that I was only with you because of a silly spell?" Will laughed.

Meg cleared her throat. "Happen I am still here tha know. They are very good spells, but in truth they only really give you the love you deserve. Always a cost to these things… Beyond the silver, that is." The old woman eyed the young maid conspiratorially.

"A lesson that is not mine to teach, but one you should be mindful of young one."

Blushing, the witch decided, was overrated. She was getting rather tired of it. Time for action.

"Still, there's no 'permanent' harm done until you have sealed it with dancing." Unconsciously, Old Meg stepped a rhythm on the stone floor with her bare feet. "That is the way with Love Spells."


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DoctorMikeReddy over 7 years ago

Someone asked me if this is all planned out. It is. By Old Meg. I have no clue. Preparation is reading the last part, giving myself about 4m30s to write - I do the very start, then the end, then infill, followed by editing.

Huge tip: after you're done, select all and copy, in case the submission fails. That way you can resubmit with a paste. So long as the story WAS written in the time, I think that's fair.

DoctorMikeReddy (joined over 10 years ago)
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