Being punched in the face for the first time is always a shock. Even with the gloves, it still hurts, and that mouth guard, well, sometimes it does mor harm than good.

I staggered against the rails and spit into the bucket, feeling around with my tongue. Are my teeth in tact? Yes.

"You out, Sam?" Called the ref.

"No!" I yell, adjusting my bandana and flying towards my opponent again. For a little thing, she is surprisingly strong and fast. She lands an uppercut and swift solar plexus blow that leaves me winded before plowing me over.

She pulls off my bandana and her own while the ref smacks the ground.

And it was her. The girl from the party. The girl who asked me stop, and who I ignored. Who I continued satisfy myself with while she begged.

But now she was on top. And I was afraid.

But she just stared with those big brown eyes.

" not so much fun when you're on the bottom, is it?"

I shake my head and feel the tears in my eyes.

" I could hurt you. I could kill you. But I won't. Because I'm better than you" she said, and then she got up and walked out, not listening as she was proclaimed the winner of the match, leaving the money behind.


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DoctorMikeReddy almost 9 years ago

Did not see that sucker punch!

SmallestBravestSmartest (joined almost 9 years ago)

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