Some mornings, when the sun rose just right, it was almost like nothing had happened. This was one of those mornings, a bright red dawn. I climbed out of my truck, zipped up my black hoodie and stretched to the sky.

Maybe it was all a dream? Surely it hadn't actually happened. I had gotten drunk, partied too hard, fallen asleep in the truck just outside of town, and now I could head back, and home would be home, and the residents would be people I knew and not those things.

I had nearly convinced myself of this happy thought when I heard a snapping twig and turned to see the pale face of my un-neighbor's un-daughter, who snarled like an animal before launching herself in my direction. I barely got into my truck before she rebounded off the door, cracking the window. I threw the truck into reverse and flattened her without even a twinge of remorse. It wasn't really a little girl anymore, anyway.

And I drove off into the red dawn, knowing that it was all a lie. Nothg was beautiful anymore.


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