"Swing." She watched her daughter, ignoring the wails and screams.

"Push me Mom!"

"No. Lean back and put your legs out. Then lean forward and pull them back."


"No. Lean back then forward. You can do it yourself. You will go higher then. Higher than even I can push you."

"MOMMY! Push me!"

"No. You need to be able to do it yourself." She watched as her daughter swung her uncoordinated legs about before giving up.

"Mommy! It DOESN'T work!"

"Let me show you. See! If I lean back and forth the swing goes without someone to push."

"Push me!"

"I've done enough pushing. Thirty four hours in labour were enough."

"Can we go on the slide then?"

"I've been on the slide for the past six years. And no, the roundabout is out too. That was my career."


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