"There," said Asad. He pointed to the horizon, his eyes crinkled with nostalgia. "That's where I saw her for the first time."
I followed the direction of his outstretched finger. The ocean was cold and dappled by the late afternoon sunshine peering through the clouds. It seemed vast and endless, and I was overcome by the urge to laugh at him.
"How can you be sure of where you saw her? This is the goddamn ocean. It all looks the same!"
"No." He shook his head, a firm, decisive movement. "I know. That is the place where we met. The wind was whipping about fiercely and her hair was flying so hard that I couldn't even see her face at first. All I saw was this mess of long brown hair, and then I heard it - a voice screaming at me from underneath the roar of the wind. I was close to sinking when she pulled over and rescued me. Trust me, she is the only reason I am able to stand here now, with you, on this afternoon."


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ganymeder about 10 years ago

Nice! This seems like the beginning of a larger story!

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