I've been following Soulscum for a while now. I don't know what he wants. I don't know why he's here. All I know is that he's left behind a string of broken storefronts and mass hysteria.

I had to do something about him.

He stopped to look through a window. "Maybe he's scoping the place out" I thought to myself. But he turned his head like he recognized something in there. That's when I realized where we were.

Soulscum was squatting right in front of my friend Tim's antique store. Lucy was inside trying to clean the place up a bit after a night of after hours inventory. This in itself wasn't too weird of a thing, but she was tearing the place apart like there was something specific she was looking for instead of her usual just looking around.

Nobody else was around. Just Soulscum, my best friend's girl, and me. As he started to reach for the door I knew I had to make my move.

I leaped around the corner, catching him by surprise. A fist to the temple, a a knee to the stomach, and Soulscum was on the ground. Knocked out cold.

This was my chance, I reached down and pulled off the mask.

It was Tim.


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