I tapped the pencil on the desk, each tap with a rhythmic beat. I was creating a song in my head. A voice snapped out of it, "Daze. Daze, Wake up!" snapped the voice. I suddenly sat up straight and opened my sleepy eyes. "This is the third time this has happened. Please go to the principal's office immediately." I groaned and stood up, in front of the class. I looked upon them before leaving. I saw May, the pretty girl who never bothers to talk to people like me. She had dusty strawberry blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a few freckles like no other. She looked up at me with an I-don't-like-troublemakers look. So i continued onward to the principals office. I walked through the automatic doors and asked for Mrs. Lilleburg. The secretary directed me to her office. Her pointy witches nose and buff looking arms made her look more like a streetwalker rather than a high school principal. "I know that there is more to you than just getting into trouble all the time." She greeted me. After 30 minutes of strict talking she let me go. I ran to class, but down the hallway, i ran into May. "Oh, i'm so sorry!" I exclaimed. Se gave me a dirty look and kept walking. What makes so different than the others?


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