The fields were parched. There was no water. Where was the rain, she wondered as she stared across the cracked land. There were clouds rolling in from the east but they brought no hope of rain. The stream that used to run through here had been clear and sweet, she remembered. Sighing, she turned from the depressing sight and got back to preparing the evening meal. Jim and the boys would be home soon and they would be hungry after a long day in the fields.
"I can help you." A small voice said.
She jumped and looked around in fright, a hand held to her pounding heart. She didn't see anyone.
"Down here." The voice said again.
She looked down at the dough she had been kneading. There was a vague impression of a face. Throat dry, all she could do was stare and wait.
The face moved and the voice came again. "I can bring the rain. All you would have to do is owe me a small favor." The dough-face said.
She wanted to run or scream but she was frozen in place. She thought about how they were going to lose their house if they didn't get a good harvest soon. She thought about her boys and how they toiled in the fields when they should be learning their letters and numbers. Slowly, she nodded her head. Her body relaxed and a curious calm settled over her.
"Ahhh see now you are a sensible woman." The dough-face said with an odd smile.
"Yes, I am." She said and


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Raerae over 10 years ago

Wow six minutes goes fast.
EDIT: "Yes, I am." She said and swiped the dough into the trash just as her boys came through the front door.

Raerae (joined over 10 years ago)

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