They come here every year. They come in droves to see the battlefields where good men gave their lives defending their land from the invading horde. They tromp over our sacred grounds, "ooh!" and "aah" at our homes - those that survived - and snicker at the descendants of those good, defeated soldiers who sound so different than them, yet speak the same language. But, their money is good I guess. And, looking around at the world today, at he end of a Republic turned fallen Empire, I can take some satisfaction that their hubris will soon be as dust in the wind.
For God has vindicated us. God has shown the way, has revealed to the people of this once proud Federal Republic how far they have fallen in their haste to take, and take, and take, without a thought of where their entitlements come from Yes, I can take some satisfaction even as these "tourists" desecrate my land. Even as the Vandals move in and take over, I have satisfaction. It is all coming to an end. God has vindicated us. Thank Heaven.


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