The building was out of place and yet appropriate at the same time. Sarah was the only one who seemed to notice it either way. An old pagaoda-like structure in the middle of the town. Other people were nearby, but if they saw it, they didn't act like it.

After snapping a few photos with her smart phone, she approached one of the entrances. (At least she assumed it was an entrance.) She knocked on the door several times. There was no answer, but it swung open for her nonetheless. She looked around at the park, and the people in it. Still, nobody seem to be care. She stepped inside.

Only inside wasn't inside at all. It was outside. Again. She stepped somehow outside onto a dirt road. She looked behind her, from where she came from, but could now only see the doorway. only the doorway wasn't the same doorway. It was a glass doorway that seemed to lead into a lobby. She looked up and found it was attached to a large green-glass skyscraper. She even thought she recognized it from pictures somewhere.

Stepping out into the dirt road, she found herself in a village, surrounded by buildings like the one she entered in the park...the Pagoda-like place. This time, the skyscraper was clearly out of place among the ancient buildings. And yet, once again, it seems as though it fit in with the environment. Again, passing villagers gave it no mind at all. Nor she.

She didn't wait around to find out what language the villagers were speaking, or if they could even see her. She snapped a quick picture of the area, and then turned around and pulled open the glass door, flying into what she assumed would be the lobby.

But the lobby had a large tree in it. And grass. And..buildings. She was back in the park she started in. She turned around and saw the pagoda building once more. The door through which she had stepped only moment before slid shut. A woman walked by the building, and said nothing. Didn't even look at the building or at Sarah. Just kept walking.

Sarah decide right then it was time for her to keep walking. So she did.


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