I wonder. I really wonder. He always enjoyed pulling a fast one over me, he did. So I suppose this wasn't a surprise, even after all these years: he would have probably planned it all this time, ready to spring it over me, and watch my befuddlement. He did that all the time before, so why should he stop now?
Then again, that's probably me being paranoid. 'Ox bow lake'. What the hell does that mean? And why, on earth, did I have him- or her- there? It could be anyone of the many enemies I've made over the course of my lifetime, but I doubt it. I didn't have any of them anywhere- all of them are silent enemies, fuming in the shadows, waiting for a chance that'll never come. I laugh at them. It was only him, ever, that had one over me at any time. I don't think about it anymore. It's too painful after years of being unbeatable.
'Ox bow lake'. Might be some sort of code. I could tap it into the computer. It could unscramble it into something even more terrifying; I could get more paranoid. I'm too old for all this. Conspiracy theories and madcap plots were a thing of my childhood. Now, I just want to enjoy my life.
Forget it. 'Ox bow lake', go to hell. Whoever sent you, I don't care. Can some bring over the incinerator, please? Never mind. I'll get it myself.
On second thoughts, what if it was her-


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